• Image of Mega Oversize Pack

39 Kemper Profiles
3.0 DI/Merged

This pack contains Profiles of 6 Amps
new DI profiles per amp
with various micings based on a Mesa Oversize cab.

Mics used: SM57 + R102 with Golden Age Pre73 (neve clone)

Beside 1 clean profile only Highgain ones.
Boosted, unboosted variations.

NOTE: To get all channels, gainstages, modes..it still makes sense to buy the single Amp packs of the included amps

Pack includes Profiles based on:

Peavey 6534+
Peavey 6505 mini
Peavey Triple XXX
Mesa Dual Rectifier
EVH 5150 III 50 watt
Laboga Mr. Hector Mk 2

The included merged cabinets can be used on all other Tonehammer packs too!

Samples: soundcloud.com/ton-e-hammer

NOTE: Those are snapshots of the amplifier in its current state, dialed in to our personal taste and those Profiles do not replace owning the real amplifier!
Please keep supporting the amp manufacturers and buy their amps/cabs etc!