• Image of Mega Boobie - ´92 Dual Rev F

54 Merged Kemper Profiles
based on "Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier - 1992 Rev F"

boosted + unboosted settings
Vintage + modern mode
Various Gainstages
no clean tones (aweful with this version :) )

boosts used:
Maxon 808
Boss Metalzone
Pro Tone Bulb Overdrive (with + without attack switch)
Cabs: Marshall V30, Mesa V30

Mics: SM57, PR20

Samples: Soundcloud.com/ton-e-hammer

NOTE: Those are snapshots of the amplifier in its current state, dialed in to our personal taste and those Profiles do not replace owning the real amplifier!
Please keep supporting the amp manufacturers and buy their amps/cabs etc!