• Image of Larsball JZM 801 22-03 KK Signature

56 Merged Kemper Profiles

All Gainstages and not only Highgain..also Crunch etc:

-with Beast Mode
-with Tubescreamer
-with Beast Mode + Tubescreamer

Larsball 4x12 V30 SM57
Larsball 4x12 Lead PR20
Mega Boobie - R102/SM57
Mega Boobie - PR20

includes Profiles from Slayer Settings from that video:

Clips: soundcloud.com/ton-e-hammer

NOTE: Those are snapshots of the amplifier in its current state, dialed in to our personal taste and those Profiles do not replace owning the real amplifier!
Please keep supporting the amp manufacturers and buy their amps/cabs etc!