• Image of Larsball A-F-D-100

63 Merged Kemper DI Profiles
"based on a Marshall AFD100 Slash Signature"

Profiles in various Gainstages. From as low as possible..to as high as possible!
No clean Profiles included..this is not possible with that amp!
Roll down the Volume knob of your Guitar to get clean tones!
No overdrive pedals or boost included - that amp doesn´t need them ;)

includes 6 new merged cabs

new ones "based on Marshall 1960AV"


also included 1 cab "based on Mesa Boogie Oversize"

Clips: soundcloud.com/ton-e-hammer

NOTE: Those are snapshots of the amplifier in its current state, dialed in to our personal taste and those Profiles do not replace owning the real amplifier!
Please keep supporting the amp manufacturers and buy their amps/cabs etc!