• Image of Du al Rectal fire Solo Head

49 DI Profiles + 4 Cabs = 196 Profiles!

based on a Dual Rectifier Solo Head

All channels, all gainstages, different mid settings, boost/no boost
every setting tube rectified + silicon diode rectified
That Pack covers everything that is possible and good sounding with that Amp and will fit any style of music!

Pedals used:
Matson 808
Mega Fluxdrive Pedal

Cabs based on:
Marshall 1960AV
Hesu 412modern
Mesa Roadking 2x12

Samples: https://soundcloud.com/ton-e-hammer/hate-leviathan-tonehammer-rectifier-v2

NOTE: Those are snapshots of the amplifier in its current state, dialed in to our personal taste and those Profiles do not replace owning the real amplifier!
Please keep supporting the amp manufacturers and buy their amps/cabs etc!